Get to know our mission.


our mission:

Enabling underprivileged children in coastal communities to build confidence in life by building confidence in the water through water safety programs.


A world where no child will drown while enjoying the water.


It comes from a story in the Bible when Jesus tells Peter to "Come." So he does.  Peter gets out of the boat and walks on the water toward Jesus. (Matthew 14). Why?  Well it stems from Peter's faith in Jesus.  You see, Peter was the disciple of Jesus, a Rabbi.  When a Rabbi chooses someone to be their disciple it's because they think they can do everything that they can do.  So Peter, who was watching his Rabbi Jesus walking on water at that exact moment thought if Jesus is walking on water, that must mean I can too! And for a moment he does.  He actually walks on water. But then something happens. He begins to lose faith that he was in fact capable of overcoming the challenge in front of him and so begins to sink. Peter lost his confidence.

Out of the Boat Swim is a water safety program that envisions a world where no child will drown while enjoying the water.


But it is so much more than that.  

Our goal is to instill such strong faith and confidence in the children we work with that even in moments of doubt they'll have confidence from these prior experiences that Jesus is with them and that they are capable of overcoming challenges in their lives because they've already learned that they can do the impossible:
They can walk on water.